Lauren Tobias is a New Jersey interior designer based in Ocean, NJ. Originally from Brooklyn, NY, her design firm LT Designs, works in both New Jersey and New York. Lauren learned at an early age how your surroundings can alter your mood. She believes surrounding herself with beauty equals happiness, and strives to evoke that feeling in her clients in their own personal spaces. As a mom of 3 children, Lauren waited until her kids were a little older, to go back to school for interior design. Lauren finds happiness in having her kids witness her career journey from the onset. She is an active role-model to them that career and passion can coexist. 

“My daughters always talk about how they would love to help me when they’re done with school and my son is obsessed with apps that build and design new homes and buildings like Mom- it makes my heart swell with so much pride and happiness,” says Lauren.


Lauren draws inspiration from a wide range of design styles and appreciates different mainstream designers. From Shea Mcgee’s clean and calm modern farmhouse look to Julia Marcum’s moody cottage style and Michelle Gerson’s eclectic design. Lauren’s design styles vary from project to project because they are based on what the client loves and is drawn to. Lauren believes listening to the wants and needs of the client and what the client likes best, are how she brings a mix of function and beauty into any room. After all, the homeowners are the ones spending the time in the space at the end of the day.

 “Every household does things in a different way and my job is a constant puzzle of how to arrange their spaces to best suit their needs. I would love the opportunity to design for different cultures,” says Lauren.

As an interior designer, Lauren incorporates a mix of furniture from many different sources, and prides herself in delivering unique, versatile and fresh designs every single time. It is a constant blend between different branded merchandise that makes an LT Designs space one of a kind. Lauren has a vivid imagination for each client, and is not shy to go bold with wallcoverings, lighting, art. She believes those elements do not wear and tear, and isn’t afraid to spend more on those design elements that make a huge statement.

“Space planning is a huge part of what I do and when we figure out a way to get everything in the space that the client always wanted and dreamed of, there is no greater feeling. When the rooms are complete and the clients send me photos of themselves enjoying their new spaces it is such a joy!” says Lauren.

Lauren’s love of design and quality craftsmanship has recently led her to premiere her online shop- a curated collection of some high-quality furnishings and accessories that you can welcome into your home. As LT Designs expands to new territory across Northern New Jersey and New York City, Lauren is happy to lend her expert interior design eye helping showcase items to NJ homeowners through her online interior design store.

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