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Living Room

Luxurious and Modern Home Living Furniture

Immerse yourself in sleek, clean lines and luxurious textures. Get your living room warmed up with some quality pieces from Lauren Tobias Designs. Our home living furniture is made from quality materials that are built to last decades. From our living room sofas to our dining chairs, we’ve got simple pieces at reasonable prices that come in many styles. Lauren Tobias Designs has been delighting homeowners and design enthusiasts in Monmouth, New Jersey, for years. We’ve got something for everyone. Whether it’s the unique, solid wood pieces or the more modern home living furniture styles with plush, luxurious details, you're sure to find something that will perfectly match and compliment your personal taste. We’re sure the elegant yet rustic home living furniture designs of Lauren Tobias Designs will prove a beautiful addition to any Monmouth, NJ, home's living space.

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