How to Set Up a WFH Office?

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic made what was once a luxury now a norm. Yes, we’re talking about work from home. People across the globe now get out of their beds, put on a pair of comfortable slippers, chug a cup of coffee, and dive right into work. While this might sound like a relaxed morning to some, WFH also comes with its cons. We’re faced with some domestic distractions, laziness, and no interaction with colleagues and team members. However, even though going back into a room full of people might seem like an idea not too far away, you’re still forced to stick to remote working for the time being. Here are some tips for setting up your WFH office:

1.    Dedicate a Space

If you’re going to lie in bed all day, you can’t expect much work to be done. You need to create a motivating, office-like environment at home to ensure your productivity levels are always at their peak. If you have a spare room at home (or even a guest room), convert that into a mini-office. A small corner in your living room will also be great, but be sure to stay far away from the bed. When you have a dedicated space to work, your mind and body will be convinced that you’re in a professional setting and will compel you to work like in the office. 


2.    Invest in a Comfortable Chair 

You’re going to be spending most of the day sitting in one spot. This is why it’s important to invest in a chair that’s comfortable and doesn’t put any stress on your back and shoulders. Avoid sitting on the couch or dining table chairs. Ergonomic chairs can offer lumbar support and prevent any backache issues. 

a man working from home.

3.    Get a Study Table or a Work Desk 

This might seem like an unnecessary purchase, but even a small step can motivate you for the long run. You’ll find various desk options online; choose one that’s functional and suits your style. Make sure it’s the right size to fit your space and broad enough for your laptop or books. You can decorate the desk with small curio items or picture frames. Remember, this is your space; you can design it however you like!

4.    Make Sure There’s Natural light

When setting up your workspace, choose a place that has plenty of natural light. This will ensure you’re always alert and positively affect your mental and physical health. Dark and gloomy spaces will only make you more lethargic and de-motivated.

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