4 Trending Interior Design Themes

Your home is your haven. It’s a place when you feel relaxed, safe, and most comfortable. Along with the location and structure, the interior design plays a crucial role in affecting your attitude towards your home. Creating a meaningful space doesn't only evoke happiness but also soothes the soul. The interior design theme you choose inspires a range of emotions such as pride, empathy, confidence, and even creativity, so be sure to choose the right one. 

How to Choose the Right Theme for Your Space?

The theme you choose is a reflection of your personality and opinions. Whenever someone walks into your house, the décor and design will give them an insight into your likes and dislikes. There are several design themes to choose from; here are some of the top trending ones:

1. Bohemian Design

If you’re carefree and love living life to the fullest, then the boho style is the best one for you. Boho style is all about embracing the vintage look. From textured tables to vintage bookshelves and rustic décor, this theme is known for its purposefully messy look. Homeowners often find this theme to be warm, cozy and extremely inviting. Some common colors used are reds, purples, and yellow hues. Layering is key in boho style, so don’t be afraid to use pillows, rugs, and throws. You might want to add some crochet work and furniture that has a rather rustic appeal.

2. Classy and Contemporary 

Contemporary interior design is often confused with modern style. However, this theme focuses on the present trends and designs. If you enjoy keeping up with the current trends, styles and love experimenting, then the contemporary style will be the ideal option. Currently, whites and creams are a common pick in the contemporary world, so you can choose your décor based on this. However, since furniture is a long-term investment, go for something simple and basic that can be styled according to the changing trends.

a living room in modern style

3. Minimalist 

This is one of the most common house design themes in the U.S. Known for its clean lines and muted color schemes; minimalism is based on the idea of open, clutter-free space. Each item whether furniture or décor is functional and purposefully chosen. Everything is selected with the “less is more” idea in mind. A simple platform bed or a structured coffee table would be excellent additions to your minimalistic space.

4. Retro Style 

If you’re looking for something more fun and out there, then go for the retro style! Inspired by the psychedelic era of the sixties, this is all about bright colors, textures, patterns, and art. Known to radiate positivity and happiness, this style works well in all kinds of spaces.

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