4 Tips for Styling Your Coffee Table

In the age of Instagram, interior design has become a matter of personal style and class. We’re all inspired to keep up with the ongoing trends and spruce up our boring living rooms. Coffee tables on Instagram look nothing less than a work of art; they’re simple, sophisticated, and oh so stylish. However, in reality, these are convenient storage places for remotes, magazines, toys, and other random things. Striking the perfect balance between functionality and style can be difficult but not impossible. Here are some super effective tips to elevate the look of your coffee table:

1.    Decide On a Theme

The first rule of any design project is deciding on a theme. You can choose to keep things clean and simple with minimalistic décor or amp it up a bit with a contemporary style. Take some time to research various themes and choose one that speaks to you or reflects your personal choice. 

2.    Try Different Layouts

Once you have a theme in mind, it’s time to experiment with different layouts. Here are some ideas:

Stacking books together: If you have a couple of magazines lying around, use them to create stacks on your coffee table. This will add a sense of structure and artistic element to your space. Feel free to add other decorative objects such as small curio pieces, a sculpture, some candles, or anything else, to create layers.

Use a tray: This is a super simple but effective trick that’s used by several stylists to bring the display together. This forms the perfect base to place all your décor items and make them look more anchored and unified. If you’re going for a minimalistic look, then white trays will be your go-to option. However, you can even choose colored and printed designs to add more personality.

Add some flowers or plants: Nothing can bring life to your table like plants or fresh flowers. They have the power to immediately brighten up the space and add an interesting and attractive visual element. You can use hydrangeas, chrysanthemums for something mellow, or go all out with sunflowers for that extra lively look. You can place them in a small vase on top of a pile of books for that elevated feel. You can choose seasonal flowers and swap them now and then.

Place a bowl: You can fill it with water and add some floated candles. The table is your canvas; paint away!

A coffee table in a house in Monmouth County

3.    Work With Contrasting Colors

Another aspect to keep in mind is to choose décor items that are in contrasting colors of the table. If you have a simple black or white base, bold colors like red, blue, or yellow will work best. However, pastels or more earthy tones will complement a wooden top well.

4.    Consider Every Angle

When fully set, take a look at the table from all angles of your room. This will give you an idea if adjustments are needed or it’s good to go.

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