Atlas Cross Cut Mirror, Small, Half Man, Left

Atlas Cross Cut Mirror, Small, Half Man, Left

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The Waving Figure Cross Cut Mirror is a round decorative mirror made of chamcha wood ornamented with a whimsical metal figure in a bronze finish. Because this piece is crafted from natural solid wood, color and woodgrain character may vary, adding a unique personality to your piece. The Atlas Collection, which reflects the ethos that Phillips Collection personifiesÑmodern organicÑhas a storied namesake. In Greek mythology, Atlas was the Titan god of endurance whom Zeus tasked with holding up the celestial heavens for eternity. WeÕve taken a piece of chamcha wood that would have been one of natureÕs castaways and made it into an elemental design statement. We offer the Cross Cut Mirrors with five different figures, which makes them perfect for a gallery wall installation.

Care Instructions:
Clean with wood polish and soft cloth. Not suitable for outdoor use.

Color: Black, Brown
Finish: Natural
Material: Wood / Chamcha Wood

Length(Inch): 12
Width(Inch): 2
Height(Inch): 15
Weight(Inch): 4
SKU: TH101640
UPC: 194906110762