Saber Tooth Tiger Skull, Roman Stone

Saber Tooth Tiger Skull, Roman Stone

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The White Saber Tooth Tiger Skull brings a room all of the exoticism the big game hunter has been afforded throughout history without having to spend time schlepping through jungles! Plus, thereÕs no guilt for the non-hunter with our toothy white sculpture, as it is made of metal in a Roman stone finish. WeÕve added a hint of glint to this jaw-dropping decorative accent by covering the crocodileÕs teeth in gold leaf. We also offer this sculpture in gold/black and silver/black versions. Each of these decorative accessories reflects the ethos that the Phillips Collection personifies: modern organic.

Care Instructions:
Dust with a soft cloth. Do not use cleaning materials with strong chemicals. Suitable for outdoor use.

Color: Off White, Gold
Finish: Roman Stone, Gold Leaf
Material: Resin Composite

Length(Inch): 14
Width(Inch): 8
Height(Inch): 20
Weight(Inch): 15
SKU: PH56706
UPC: 194906015593